Running a dry-cleaning business not only involves making sure you have washers and dryers — you need to have all of the necessary equipment working behind the scenes to keep your storefront up and running. Your customers depend on you to have their clothes cleaned, pressed, and ready to pick up. So if your boiler stops running or needs extra backup, customers might take their dry-cleaning elsewhere. That’s why you need a Rema return system that has been set as the industry standard since 1947. Return systems are paired with boilers, serving as a water tank and condensate receiver. When a boiler needs more water, the return system pump kicks on, sucks the water out of the tank, and feeds it to the boiler. From there, any excess steam is piped back into the tank as condensate.

At Rema Dri-Vac, we customize your return system tank to your specs, regardless of your industry. Our goal is always to provide the best energy-efficient products to upgrade your business, enhance productivity, and reduce operating costs. To determine which option best meets your business’ needs, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of horizontal or vertical return systems:

Horizontal Versus Vertical Return Systems

The two primary choices for return systems are either horizontal or vertical. When considering these options, the main difference between the two is the water storage tank’s position and shape. There is a horizontal tank with horizontal return systems and a vertical tank with vertical return systems. Overall, most businesses find that vertical tanks work best in terms of the following factors:

  • Cost and space-saving. A vertical tank is not only ideal for saving floor space, but it is also a great choice to save money. Vertical storage tank walls need less material to manufacture than horizontal storage tanks, decreasing production costs. However, although larger, horizontal tanks are better at distributing heat because it has more surface area for the water inside the tank.
  • Efficiency. Vertical storage tanks have a more efficient design than horizontal storage tanks due to their higher level of potential energy. This reduces the stress of the pump by taking advantage of the force of gravity, allowing it to produce more hydrostatic head with the same amount of energy.

Improve Your Business With Rema Dri-Vac

For over 70 years, our family-owned and operated company in Norwalk, CT, has provided high-quality products, engineering expertise, skilled craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer service to our clients. We are recognized as leading manufacturers of vertical return systems with distributors worldwide. If your company needs assistance choosing between horizontal or vertical return systems, contact Rema Dri-Vac today!

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