For over a century, Barnes Pumps are known for their durability that plumbing contractors, plumbers, and engineers have come to rely on. Barnes Pumps provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to essential applications like sewage, wastewater, fountain pumps, and pressure sewer systems.

Sithe Submersible Chopper Pump

The Sithe chopper pumps are a first-of-their-kind, patented chopper technology. They have the ability to chop and pass solids like baseballs, wipes, rags, and plastic bottles. The Sithe chopper offers options like heat treated chopper blades, standard designs, explosion proof designs, plug and play cords, and liquid cooled motors.

  • SIthe chopper pumps are offered in 3HP – 150 HP, with options for 3”, 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” discharge.
  • Flows available from 475 GPM – 5000 GPM
  • Heads from 63 FT – 200 FT
Sithe Submersible Chopper Pump

Razor Grinder Pumps

Razor Grinder pumps are best suited for light commercial and residential solids handling. Razor’s cutting technology helps to reduce solids such as diapers, flushable wipes, and other common items found in modern waste. Razor Grinder pumps offer stainless steel hardware and a cast iron construction.

  • Razor Grinder pumps are available in 2HP
  • Flows available to 28 GPM
  • Heads up to 200FT
Razor Grinder Pumps Air Vacs

Blade Grinder Pumps

Featuring Barnes Slicerator radial cutting technology, Blade Grinder pumps are the solution for high pressure, high flow wastewater grinding applications for small industrial and commercial settings. Blade Grinder pumps are designed to handle solids like diapers, cloth materials, and plastics.

  • Flows available to 155 GPM
  • Heads to 242 FT

HCU Series

Barnes HCU series end-suction pumps general purpose centrifugal pumps for applications like gear cooling, water circulation, and firefighting. The HCU pumps are constructed with heavy duty wall castings, bronze impellers, and cast iron casings.

  • Flows up to 700 GPM
  • Heads to 360 FT
  • 5HP – 100HP, Available in 1750 or 3450 RPM
Barnes HCU Series Pumps

Fountain Pumps

Barnes Fountain pumps are the market leader in decorative water applications. Available in all bronze and all stainless steel construction.

  • Flows to 120 GPM
  • Heads to 55FT
  • .33HP – 1 HP
Barnes Decorative Fountain Pump

Barnes Sewage Ejectors

Barnes Sewage Ejectors are engineered for residential and light commercial wastewater applications.

  • Flows up to 430 GPM
  • Heads to 95 FT
  • .4 – 3 HP
  • Discharges of 1.5”, 2”, and 3” available
Barnes Sewage Ejectors Air Vacs

Barnes Effluent Pumps

Barnes Effluent pumps are constructed for handling dirty water for common septic tank applications.

  • Flows to 130 GPM
  • Heads to 110 FT
  • Available int 1750 or 3450 RPM
  • High Temperature Models available

Barnes SHUR-Switch Sump Pumps

Barnes SHUR-Switch pumps are a high performance, low-cost sump pump, constructed with a heavy duty materials. Barnes sump pumps are designed for longevity and dependability. Features a cast iron motor housing and a stainless-steel shaft.

  • Flows to 45 GPM
  • Heads to 21 FT
  • Magnetic Float Switch
  • Thermo Plastic Impeller
Barnes SHUR-Switch Pumps

Basement Genie

The Barnes Basement Genie is the waste pumping solution for a bathroom where gravity flow is not available.

  • .40 and .50 HP
  • Can be installed on any level surface instead of breaking through concrete.
Basement Genie Waste Pumping Solution

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