Does your business use municipal water supplies to get your work done? If the materials that you work with in your facility could cause water pollution if they siphoned back into the water supply, a non-syphon return system is a good way to meet local code requirements.

How does a non-syphon return system work?

When a water supply line is directly connected to a tank, there is a chance that changes in water pressure or a backflow of fluid into the tank could cause siphoning back into the water supply. This can lead to water pollution and a drop in water quality in your area. Because of this, most states require some sort of backflow prevention system to keep the materials you use from going straight into the water supply.

Some backflow prevention systems involve the use of electronic equipment. This equipment can be subject to breakage and can lead to your systems being offline during crucial working hours.

The Rema Non-Syphon Return System prevents backflow instead using a simple mechanical system.

A gap is built into the spot where the water supply enters the tank. Then, below that, there is a simple float system. When the water level goes low, the hollow copper ball of the float system goes low, too, holding open the valve. If the water level rises past a certain point, the float goes up, closing the valve. Between this float system and the gap, it is impossible for the contents of your tank to backflow into the water supply.

Who can use a non-syphon system?

The non-syphon return system is compliant with codes throughout the country and will satisfy all local requirements. This makes it a perfect option for businesses that include:

  • Metal plating, processing, fabrication or cleaning facilities.
  • Greenhouses. Certain pesticides and fertilizers can be dangerous if they get into the water supply, and a backflow prevention system is needed to keep the local water supply safe.
  • Meat or fish packers.
  • Food processing plants.
  • Funeral homes.
  • Healthcare facilities that include doctor’s offices, dentists, hospitals, clinics and laboratories.
  • Breweries.
  • Dye plants.
  • Photo-processing and printing facilities.
  • Premises that reuse or recycle water.

Your state or city may have specific requirements for your business to ensure that the pipes connected to your business stay clear of any chemicals or contaminants that are used in the course of your business.

We offer both horizontal and vertical tank models to fit in your facility. All of our systems are made with the best quality materials including heavy-duty steel, highly reliable Burks pumps and sturdy valves, gauges and fixtures. We use triple-welded seams for durability.

Rema Dri-Vac has been one of the leading manufacturers of this sort of equipment for more than six decades. We are happy to answer your questions and work with you to ensure that you get the system that fits your needs. Get in touch today to learn more about our non-syphoning return systems and more.

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