There are many reasons for a successful dry-cleaning business to move from its original location. However, before you move, it is important to keep your customers in mind during the process. Below are five expert steps to moving your dry cleaners. Using these techniques, you can retain existing customers and welcome new ones after a move.

1. Create a Detailed Schedule in Advance

Creating a schedule for a move may seem like a simple step in the process, but the importance cannot be overstated. Making a plan with a realistic timeline is the backbone of a move. Once the first preliminary schedule is in place, you can start scheduling movers, informing employees of temporary changes in their upcoming work hours, and figure out delivery dates with companies if new equipment is needed at the new location. The first draft of the schedule should be flexible and become more concrete as details are worked out.

A realistic timeline should also be made. Having a proactive plan of moving your dry-cleaning business on the front end of the process usually means the switch will go much more smoothly than without one.

Following a schedule is vital not only for you and your employers but also for your customers. When you can tell your customers the specific dates of when you will be closing your old location and opening in the new, they will plan around that schedule. If they are happy with your business, they will likely follow you, as long as they are not confused about the time frame. A customer showing up at your old location only to find the doors closed may take their business to a competitor.

2. Hang Up Signage

Signs for the front of your dry cleaners and in customer waiting areas are good ways to inform people of your move. Merely writing a note on a white sheet of paper is not enough; however, a sign with too much information is not beneficial either. A busy customer picking up and dropping off clothes is usually in a hurry, stopping by on a short lunch break or after work. The quicker the experience is in your kind of business, the better. You may benefit from hiring a professional to make signs that will capture your customer’s attention and quickly relay your move’s information in the most expedited way possible.

3. Send Out an Email Newsletter

One easy way to connect to your customers is through email, but many smaller businesses do not consider it. The truth is you don’t have to be a large business to take advantage of this advertising opportunity. There are some easy-to-use websites, templates, and software you can use to help create and manage newsletters.

For those with not enough time or experience to take advantage of the email newsletter opportunities themselves, there are also companies that you can hire to create and manage this for you. Email is an opportunity to give customers specific information on the move, including new contact information, the new address, and who to contact for any further questions, all in a single document that can be easily pulled up by a customer later, if they need it.

4. Set Up Automated Text Messages

One way to show that you care about your customers is by giving them the option to sign up and receive automated text message alerts. This indicates to your customer that you appreciate their business on a personal level. Make sure that it is a short message that includes specific information such as location, address, and new opening date.

5. Offer Discounts for New and Returning Customers

The truth is, moving a dry-cleaning business will cost you some money. The price of hiring movers, buying packaging, setting up new computer systems, and discarding unwanted equipment must be accounted for. Planning financially is the key to a successful move.

One cost you might want to account for on the front end of the move is the price of offering discounts for the new opening. Temporarily offering your services at a discounted rate at your new location is attractive to all customers. Even just 10% off sounds like a good deal, and moving your dry-cleaning business with retention of customers and new business will pay off in the end.

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The proper planning does not have to be an overwhelming endeavor and can benefit and grow your business. Rema Dri-Vac has everything you need to start or move your dry-cleaning business. Contact us for more information or to find the right equipment for you!

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