If you are in need of Burks Pumps, you have come to the right place. We are an official OEM Burks Pumps distributor and we maintain a large inventory of Burks Pumps and Burks Pumps parts. Burks Pumps are known in the industry for their ingenuity, fair pricing, robust construction, and incredible efficiency, and they are ideal for any application that is in need of an easy-to-maintain, durable, long-lasting pump.

At Rema LLC, we specialize in boiler feed, cooling tower, boiler recovery, water recovery, and solvent pumps, and most of the Burks Pumps we keep in stock are also available in 50Hz. Here is a closer look at a few of the Burks Pumps we carry:


Regenerative Turbine Burks Pumps

In-stock Models (varying flows): CR, CS, CT, EC, ED, ES, ET

These Burks Pumps are engineered specifically for applications with high pressure and low flow and they can be found in both closed-coupled and base-mounted formats. The raceway of the pump draws the fluid into the impeller and then offers a passageway for the liquid to disperse through as it is propelled out by the impeller. The strategically placed sealing grooves connect the impeller and the raceway to form a strong, long-lasting seal.

End Suction Burks Pumps

In-stock Models: G5, G6, GA4, GA5, GA6

This centrifugal pump is one of the most versatile Burks Pumps available thanks to its efficient performance, heavy-duty wall castings, and cast iron case. It has many uses in municipal, industrial, and commercial facilities, such as in HVAC systems, municipal drinking water handling, and processing secondary pumping. End suction Burks Pumps are constructed of bronze and are direct-drive motor operated, so they are clearly built to last.

Vertical Inline Burks Pumps

In-stock Model: GB In-Line

When a low-volume application needs a flow of up to 80 GPM, this Burks Pump is the ideal solution. It is tremendously versatile, as it can be installed horizontally, vertically, or at an angle, and the in-line design means the pumping assembly can be removed for maintenance without having to disrupt the piping system. These Burks Pumps feature a self-adjusting mechanical seal for no leaks, and their solid iron or bronze construction makes them extremely durable.

Condensate Return Burks Pumps

In-stock Model: GV6 Flange Mount

This Burks Pump was created to provide an automatic return of condensation caused by hot water in coils and radiators to both high and low pressure boilers. This type of Burks Pump can also be used to return water (or other liquids) to the overhead tanks in industrial circulating systems. The GV6 Flange Mount Burks Pump is completely assembled upon delivery and can be installed quickly and easily.

If you aren’t sure which Burks Pump will work the best for your application, please give us a call with your specifications. The knowledgeable staff at Rema LLC will help you pick the right Burks Pump for your needs.

Contact us to find out more about Rema LLC’s Burks Pumps, or to inquire about the other brands of pumps we carry, including Grundfos, Barnes, Weinman, and Deming.

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