5J0A9138Since our inception in 1947, we have been dedicated to raising the bar and creating functional, high-quality equipment for the fabricare industry. Our new rectangle return tank takes the same return system our clients know and love, but puts it in a new package. With its straight edges, sleek stainless steel construction, and flawless Burks pumps integration, the rectangular return system is an excellent addition to our already great return system lineup.

Why a Rectangle Return Tank?

Our clients have been requesting a rectangle steel return tank for years, and we think our engineers have exceeded everyone’s expectations with the system they created. Here are just a few of the many benefits of a rectangular return system:

  • No Wasted Floor Space– Due to its right-angle corners and straight edges, the rectangle return tank can be stored neatly right up against a corner. But don’t worry; even though it’s against the wall, the return system still offers easy access to the sight glass and float assembly.
  • Durable Construction – The rectangular return system is built with either 304 stainless steel or 11-gauge steel so that it will be able to handle a wide variety of applications. The metal itself is precision bent instead of simply welding straight edges together to make the structure of the unit that much stronger.
  • Simple to Clean– With minimal welds, the rectangle return tank is effortless to clean: There are no cracks or crevices to harbor dirt and bacteria. The system also features a nine-inch access plate that is strategically located to make it easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Prevents Backflow – In many states, a return system must be designed to make sure there is no backflow entering into the public water system. Our rectangular return system is available in two different formats to ensure our clients can meet all of the local code requirements: the basic air gap set up that uses a mechanical float assembly to prevent backflow from entering local water pipes, or the electric flow switch that uses a solenoid water valve to keep the water where it belongs.
  • Burks Pumps Integration – Just like our other return system, the rectangle return tank works flawlessly with any of our Burks pumps for a smooth operation.

Custom Rectangular Return Systems Available

While we do offer standard sizing of our rectangle steel return tanks, we can also work with our clients to craft a custom system from the ground up. As long as we are given precise dimensions and the capacity requirements, we can build a custom rectangular return system to meet a wide variety of needs.

To speak with one of our representatives about getting a rectangular return system into your facility, contact us now. We would love to help you reap the rewards of a high-quality, functional return tank.



  • Space saver design
  • Available in heavy duty 11 Gauge Steel or 11 gauge 304 Stainless Steel
  • Fitted with Burks Pumps
  • Sight Glass
  • 9″ Access Plate
  • Larger Sizes available upon request


  • Solenoid water valve
  • Square D Float Switch