Rema, LLC air vacuums are made to last and last! The jet aircraft-type aluminum turbine assemblies can’t rust. Top and bottom castings are quality turned. Impellers are flush welded and precision balanced – no rivets, nothing to create air drag. The 12 gauge steel condenser tanks are specially treated to resist corrosion. What’s more? Special rubber mounts defeat vibration. The result is a trouble free, all around, quality product carrying a one(1) year warranty on the motor, turbine, and condenser tank.

Rema Dri-Vac Air Vacuum Products

Decrease Boiler Load & Reduce Energy

As the acknowledged leader in Air Vacuums, Rema maintains total commitment to product quality, economy, and dependability. With a Rema installed, finishing is better and faster. Steam consumption drops quickly. Boiler loads and energy demands go down. In the end, your production output is faster, the overall finish is superior, and your bottom line profits improve dramatically!

Air Vacuum Manufacturing & Service

Rema, LLC Air Vacuums are available in vertical, overhead, and as a dual setup. Vacuum models available are capable of serving 1-25 presses and are available in 50Hz and 60Hz, single and three phase. Need a special color? Send a color swatch or equipment brand name, and we’ll do the rest! Having a vacuum problem? Prompt factory service will Repair your Rema quickly, if ever necessary. Just ship your vacuum back to us and we’ll respond with 24 hour service. Charges are nominal; freight extra.

Known for Quality in the Fabricare Industry

Rema Air Vacuums are known through-out the world, wherever quality finishing is a must. We have a brand name that is recognized immediately as the finest in the dry cleaning and laundry industries. With it comes a record of consistent quality that has no equal.

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Model No.No. of Presses ServedMotor H.P.Inlet SizeOutlet SizeOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall Diameter** Packed Weight
RP-11½2"2"31"15"90 LB
RP-21-2¾2"2"33"15"96 LB
RP-32¾2"2"43"15"105 LB
RP-43¾2 ½"2"37"19"130 LB
RP-53-412 ½"2"48"19"155 LB
RP-851 ½3"2"52"19"165 LB
RP-12833"2" ½53 ½"24"240 LB
RP-161033"2" ½53 ½"24"245 LB
RP-201233"2" ½55 ½"24"260 LB
RP-251553"2" ½59 ½"24"275 LB
RPO-53-413"2"35"44"19"185 LB
RPO-851 ½3"2"35"44"19"185 LB
RPD-402064"3"56"44"24"510 LB
RPD-502564"3"56"44"24"530 LB
*RPE-21¾2"2"43"15"105 LB
*RPE-32¾2 ½2" ½56"19"145 LB
*RPE-53-413"2" ½48 ½"19"160 LB
*RPE-84-61 ½3"2" ½53 ½"19"170 LB
*RPE-12833"2" ½53 ½"24"240 LB
*RPE-161033"2" ½53 ½"24"245 LB
*RPE-201453"2" ½55 ½"24"275 LB
*RPE-302064"3"56"44"24"510 LB
*RPE-4025104"3"56"44"24"530 LB

**Packaged Weight does not include skid/pallet weight

Featured Products
Rema Dri-Vac Air Vacuum System

Air Vacuums

  • 1-25 Presses Served
  • Vertical, Dual, and Overhead
  • Steel and Stainless Steel Tanks
Rema Dri-Vac Return System

Return Systems

  • Horizontal and Vertical Systems
  • Steel, Stainless Steel, and 3/16” Steel
  • Syphon and Non-Syphon Style
Burks Pump - Rema Dri-Vac

Burks Pumps

  • 1-25 H.P. Boiler Feed, Water
  • Circulating, Solvent, Cooling Tower
  • 50Hz and 60Hz Replacement Parts

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