Rema Dri Vac is a third-generation company with three generations of reputation for quality products. We have been building the Rema Return System, which is the industry standard, since 1947; our rugged steel frames, extra-duty welded seams and Burks Pump integration give you the quality you need for any scale of commercial pumping.

Our inventory of tanks ranges from 8 to 500 gallons, with both vertical and horizontal designs available for your convenience. Additional features include:

  • 14gauge, 11 gauge, 3/16-inch steel and stainless steel options
  • Syphon and non-syphon options
  • Duplex, triplex and quadplex pump setups
  • Full control panels

We customize your Rema Return System tank to your specs, regardless of your industry or special needs. We also provide replacement tanks and parts on demand. Review the major Return System tank types below, and contact us with any questions you may have.

Rema Return Tank System

Return Systems We Offer

Horizontal Return Systems

Each of your Rema Return System horizontal tanks features triple welded tank seams attached to a 1 1/4-inch steel frame. The system also has float assembly and gauge glass with fixtures, and it comes furnished with a Burks Pump.

Our company offers custom fabrication that is specific to your needs and comes in the industry standard 14 or 11 gauge sizes, available in 3/16-inch and stainless steel options. We offer tanks with a range of an 8- to 53-gallon capacity and a boiler horsepower capacity of 40 HP in both 11 and 14 gauge sizes.

Vertical Return Systems

When you have no extra space, our vertical Return System gives you options that open up your floor plan. Taking up only 18 inches of floor space, our vertical systems are just as durable and balanced as our horizontal systems and come equipped with a 1 1/4-inch steel frame on an 11 gauge steel tank and Burks Pump integration. Float assembly and fixtured gauge glass are built into the systems as well.

If you are looking for maximum pump head pressure with no vapor lock, the vertical return system is your best choice. We also customize your system to your needs and replace parts when needed. Gallon capacity for our tanks ranges from 26 to 70 gallons with a maximum boiler horsepower of 50 HP.

Non-Syphon Return Systems

Protect the environment against the reinsertion of polluted water into municipal systems with our non-syphon vertical and horizontal tank setups. Our non-syphon return systems are customized to your specifications and come with the float assembly and cold water line easily accessed on the outside of the tank. We specialize in 11 gauge standard tanks and carry both 3/16-inch and stainless steel models.

Non-syphon return systems come in a range of 26 to 70 gallons and a maximum boiler horsepower of 50 HP.

Extra-Large Return System Tanks

For your scaled jobs, our extra-large tanks come with a maximum 500-gallon capacity in 11 gauge steel, 3/16-inch steel and stainless steel options. Call us for your customized extra-large tanks; we can accommodate anything that you need for your volume jobs!

Contact Us to find out more about Rema LLC’s return systems.

Featured Products
Rema Dri-Vac Air Vacuum System

Air Vacuums

  • 1-25 Presses Served
  • Vertical, Dual, and Overhead
  • Steel and Stainless Steel Tanks
Rema Dri-Vac Return System

Return Systems

  • Horizontal and Vertical Systems
  • Steel, Stainless Steel, and 3/16” Steel
  • Syphon and Non-Syphon Style
Burks Pump - Rema Dri-Vac

Burks Pumps

  • 1-25 H.P. Boiler Feed, Water
  • Circulating, Solvent, Cooling Tower
  • 50Hz and 60Hz Replacement Parts

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