Our NON-CODE blow down tanks offer a 3/8″ thick, heavy gauge boiler plate construction fabricated from high quality steel and are master craft welded to exceed tough, in-code specifications. Our blow down tanks help to clean out sludge and sludge build up from inside your boiler. They are maintenance free and compact saving you time and money! NON-CODE blow down tanks are available in three models to meet your needs for boilers from 1 H.P. to 50 H.P.

Does your state have specific regulations and require a CODED blow down tank? Rema offers a CODED model to satisfy a boiler from 1 H.P. to 15 H.P. that is stamped with an ASME certification.

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Blow Down Tanks by Rema LLC

Blow down tanks are a crucial part of every boiler system. Even if you are using the best pre-treatment systems available, your boiler feed water can contain impurities, such as dissolved solids. These impurities can accumulate and wreak havoc on the steam traps, piping, and even process equipment of your boiler. Over time, impurities cause a buildup of sludge, which has a dramatic impact on the efficiency and capabilities of your boiler.

Blow down tanks solve this problem in two ways: surface water blow down is performed continuously to reduce how many dissolved solids are able to accumulate in the water, and bottom blow down is used periodically to clean out the sludge on the bottom of the boiler. The result is a boiler that stays clean and operates at maximum efficiency.

Our Blow Down Tank Features

Whether you are in need of a coded or non-coded blow down tank, we have an option that will exceed your expectations, thanks to these features:

  • All of our blow down tanks are fabricated using 3/8” heavy gauge steel.
  • To ensure you can rely on your blow down tank for many years to come, we master craft weld each joint, resulting in a completely solid construction.
  • Due to their simple structure, our blow down tanks are maintenance free to save you time and money.
  • Our blow down tanks are compact enough to fit in even the smallest spaces.

Our non-code blow down tanks are available in three models to meet your needs for boilers from 1 H.P. to 50 H.P. If your state has specific regulations that require the use of a coded blow down tank, we have one that is ASME certified and is compatible with boilers from 1 H.P. to 15 H.P.

Blow Down Tank Benefits

The important role that a blow down tank plays in a boiler is often overlooked. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to experience with the use of a high-quality blow down tank from Rema LLC:

  • With a blow down tank, your boiler will require less water, less fuel and fewer chemical treatments
  • Due to the reduced sludge buildup, you will have much lower maintenance and repair costs
  • A blow down tank operates automatically, so you can use your manual labor for other tasks
  • The steam released from the boiler will be much cleaner
  • A blow down tank greatly increases the efficiency of your boiler, reducing its operating costs

When you want a boiler that works at its best, a blow down tank from Rema LLC is a necessity. Contact us to find out how a blow down tank from Rema LLC can benefit you.

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DescriptionModel BD-10Model BD-16Model BD-18
Tank Height202020
Water Inlet½½½
Drain Outlet3
Blow Off Inlet1
Hand Hole (optional)444
Inlet Height15¼15¼15¼
Application Information
For Boiler H.P.1 to 1515 to 3030 to 50
Max. Boiler Pressure (psi)200200200
Weight (lbs)105130160
Gallon Cap.17⅓21

*Dimensions in inches

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