Boilers are both essential to many businesses and also expensive. The proper maintenance and care, including the use of blow down tanks, can extend their life and allow them to perform more effectively. Businesses that include dry cleaners, breweries, laboratories and others that use steam for treatment or sterilization can all benefit from using Rema Dri-Vac Blow Down tanks. A few of the reasons to use them in your business:

Prevent Scaling and Corrosion

Over time, solids can build up in the bottom of the boiler. This scaling can keep your boiler from running at top efficiency. Less efficient operation means more money coming out of your pocket every day. And, when substances are not drained properly, they can also cause your boiler to corrode, reducing the lifespan of your equipment. A blow down tank makes it possible to drain the boiler property and dispose of the buildup of solids that form on the bottom.

Safely Discharge Water

A blow down tank is essential for reducing the pressure and the temperature of blow off water. This is necessary to safely discharge water into the sewer system. Rema blow down tanks offer a cold-water inlet to help mix the blow off from your boiler with fresh water to reduce its temperature.

Maintain Steam Production

If steam is used for treatment or sterilization in your business, a blow down tank can make you run more efficiently. Scaling can lead to foaming and suspended particles, which can lead to a loss of heat. By cutting down on corrosion and scale, you can get better efficiency out of your boiler, letting you work better and faster.

Safer Operation

The water that is discharged from your boiler is extremely hot and discharged at a high level of pressure, which can present a hazard to personnel in your business. The blow down tank reduces that pressure and temperature to the levels that are required by the EPA and other bodies for safety.

Compliance with Regulations

The EPA requires that water that is discharged into a sewer system be 140 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Local regulations may put additional restrictions on what you can discharge. By using a blow down tank and mixing fresh water, you can keep in compliance and reduce the chance of expensive penalties.

Blow downs for your business are available in a range of sizes to meet your specific needs. Both code and non-code are available. Our non-code blow down tanks offer heavy gauge construction and crafted to exceed in-code specifications. If you need a coded tank that is outside our standard product line, let us know. We can custom fabricate equipment to perfectly suit your specific requirements.

By adding this essential piece of equipment to the mix, you can extend the life of your boiler, make it run more efficiently, and make your business safer. Get in touch today to learn about the blow down tank options for you.

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