While blow down tanks are a huge part of any boiler system, not all of them are created equal.

Blow down tanks perform several key roles in a boiler system. They help a boiler operate more effectively and efficiently, save on energy, and even reduce maintenance requirements. Specifically, their benefits consist of helping a boiler work by consuming less water, requiring fewer chemical treatments, and less fuel – all of which can help a facility reduce its overhead operating costs. Blow down tanks also work automatically, result in cleaner steam released from the boiler, and help reduce sludge buildup. Noting all of these important benefits, it’s crucial that your blow down tank is quality made and working for you – not against you. And with REMA Dri-Vac that’s exactly what you’ll get. Here’s a look at some of the ways REMA’s tanks stand out from other blow down tanks:

Why REMA Blow Down Tanks Are Superior

So just how does REMA keep your boiler working better for longer? Here’s a look at some of the key advantages REMA’s tanks hold over competing equipment:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction: REMA blow down tanks don’t skimp on construction. In fact, every tank is built using heavy-duty 3/8-inch steel. That’s quality construction so you can worry less about the workings of your boiler system and more on the day-to-day operations in your facility.
  • Master craft build: Aside from using heavy-gauge steel to build the blow down tank, REMA also prides itself on master crafting all weld joints, among others, with the end result being reliable, quality construction that boiler systems can count on.
  • Maintenance-free: Are you putting too much manpower and money into tank maintenance? That’s one more reason to invest in a blow down tank from REMA. Thanks to the quality construction and attention to detail that is put into each tank, REMA tanks are virtually maintenance-free. This helps facilities reduce overhead costs, saving money in the long run.
  • Compact design: One of the biggest benefits of REMA blow down tanks is their compact footprint. This permits them to fit into even the most cramped of spaces, which in turn leaves you more room for other things.
  • Variety: REMA blow down tanks aren’t one-size-fits-all pieces. They come in three different varieties to cater to a range of boilers. The three models range in horsepower from one to 50, and REMA also specializes in delivering a coded blow down tank in areas that abide by specific standards.

Where does your boiler’s current blow down tank rank? Is it costing you money in maintenance and repairs? Is it nearing the end of its life? Is it large and inconvenient? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it could be time to upgrade to a better, more efficient blow down tank for your boiler. For more information, contact REMA Dri-Vac today.

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