Rema’s Non-Syphon Air Gap Return Systems guard against the return of polluted water into a city system. The cold water line and float assembly are located on the outside of the tank for easy access to it’s parts.

Rema’s Non-Syphon Systems come as a Vertical or Horizontal set-up.

  • Custom fabrication to your specs
  • Available in 11 gauge standard
  • Available in 3/16″ and Stainless Steel
  • Replacement tanks and parts available
Rema Dri-Vac Non-Syphon Return System

When you are dealing with fluids that can cause pollution, you want to do everything you can to ensure that the local water supply does not become contaminated. Many states require some sort of backflow prevention to ensure that their water stays safe. Our non-syphon air gap return systems protect against polluted water returning to a city system.

Benefits of the Rema Non-syphon Return System include:

  • Protection against water pollution.
  • Engineered to meet all code requirements.
  • An easy-to-maintain mechanical system.
  • A float system with simple maintenance. Since the largest part of the float assembly is outside the tank, it’s easy to work on when necessary.
  • No need to use backflow preventers.

Rema non-syphon return systems use mechanical components instead of electrical ones to reduce the incidence of costly repairs. Inside each tank, there is a hollow copper ball attached to a rod. The rod, in turn, extends out of the tank and attaches to a second rod. The water level inside the tank controls when the tank allows liquids in and when it is shut.

Think of the operation of the tank the way a standard toilet bowl works. As the water drains from the tank, the float ball lowers to allow fresh water in to refill it. When the water level is high, the float ball’s level is, too, to shut off the water valve and avoid the risk of overflow.

The design includes a gap between your water source and the tank’s filling port, making a backflow of potentially polluted water impossible. You can rest easy knowing that your tank is compliant with laws and less likely to cause dangerous pollution.

Rema’s non-syphon systems are available in both horizontal and vertical setups. The vertical setup is an excellent space saver, with a footprint of just 18 inches. It’s economical and sturdy and will retrofit with most existing boiler systems.

Custom Non-syphon Return Systems

We can custom fabricate non-syphon return systems to your specs in 11 gauge, 3/16″, and stainless steel. Triple-weld seams and high-quality valves, gauges and fixtures make this a highly durable part of your operation. Included Burk pumps mean dependable operation day in and day out. Replacement tanks and parts are available.

Rema Dri-Vac brings three generations of knowledge and dedication to every product we make. Our Rema Return System has been the industry standard since 1947. We take pride in our work and offer personal and friendly service. We are always happy to help with your dilemmas and answer any questions you may have. Quick delivery means that you can find the system you want and have it right away.

Is a Rema non-syphon return system right for you? Get in touch today to learn more about our products.


11 Gauge Steel Horizontal & Vertical Non-Syphon Return Systems
ModelBoiler H.P.Tank SizeGallon CapacityPumpPump H.P.
BJHV-6NS3018x424615CS5M1 ½

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