If you know about the fabricare industry, then there is a good chance you have also heard the name Rema Dri-Vac. We are renowned in the fabricare industry for providing high-quality equipment that streamlines efficiency. And while our products are incredible, there is a lot more to our brand that earned us our reputation:

We Are a Third-Generation Family Business

Rema Dri-Vac has been a key player in the fabricare industry since 1947. We are proud to be a family-owned business that has been passed down for three generations, and we put this pride into everything we do.

We Invented the Vertical Air Vacuum

The vertical air vacuum has become a staple in the fabricare industry, and Rema Dri-Vac is the originator of it. Our Rema Dri-Vac vacuum unit altered the way dry cleaning companies do business. By creating a standalone vacuum, we improved efficiency and decreased costs, and we did it in a machine that took up minimal floor space.

We Make All of Our Products by Hand

At Rema Dri-Vac, we put time and attention into every piece of equipment we make. We focus on using the highest quality materials and constructing them in the most durable way. With us, you get equipment that was meticulously crafted by hand, so you know you can depend on it for years to come.

We Always Put Our Customers First

We may be famous in our industry, but we still have the small-business mindset. That means when you call us, you will get an actual person. We will get to know you and learn your name and always go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with your Rema Dri-Vac products.

We Have a Quick Turnaround Time

When you order equipment for the fabricare industry, you don’t want to wait forever to get it. With us, you don’t have to. We have one of the fastest turnaround times in the business, and we won’t keep you waiting any longer than absolutely necessary.

We Nurture the Relationships We Have with Our Distributors

We know that our distributors are the heart of our business, and we are dedicated to having monthly meetings with each of ours. This is to make sure we maintain a strong relationship with them and to ensure they are up on all of the latest happenings at Rema Dri-Vac.

We Can Build Custom Equipment for the Fabricare Industry

Not all fabricare businesses are the same, and we understand that. Therefore, if you have a unique space or a specific request, we can accommodate all of your specifications with our customization option.

As you can see, we are well known in the fabricare industry for good reason. If you would like to see for yourself why we get rave reviews, contact us today.

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