We understand that we can drop our clothes off at the dry cleaners to have our garments looking good as new. However, dry-cleaning has a rich history that isn’t often discussed. With roots dating back to Pompeii, the dry cleaner wasn’t fully established until the 19th century. From there, it has been on a path defined by innovation and continuous improvement. Take a closer look at the dry-cleaning industry’s history and how the Rema Dri-Vac helped revolutionize it into the modern storefront we know today.

A Brief History

The first commercial dry-cleaning shops were in effect throughout the Pompeii civilization. Times have changed since that era, whereas now, dry-cleaning uses non-water-based solvents to remove stains and debris from clothes. It wasn’t until the mid-19th century when a French dye worker unintentionally discovered this. The Frenchman watched as his tablecloth became cleaner after his maid accidentally spilled kerosene on it.

Solvents used in dry-cleaning evolved, transitioning from Petroleum and chlorinated chemicals to PERC. The industry as a whole has since moved away from substances such as PERC to more environmentally friendly cleaning solvents. Today, it’s also common for a dry-cleaning operation to have various machines and equipment such as washers and dryers and other accessories that help clean clothing. That’s where Rema Dri-Vac’s products entered the picture, as many of our innovations have transformed the industry — especially the air vacuum.

The Rema Dri-Vac Difference

While Rema Dri-Vac has invented and improved numerous pieces of equipment over the years, it’s perhaps most synonymous with the vertical air vacuum. It was Rema Dri-Vac who created this piece of equipment as a standalone unit several decades ago. This unit helped to improve cleaning efficiency and reduce costs. It also took up minimal floor space and could be installed overhead for easy access. The vertical air vacuum has become a staple in nearly every dry-cleaning business as owners saw how it could enhance productivity and help improve profits. While Rema Dri-Vac has been involved in making industry-leading products for the FabriCare sector since 1947, there’s arguably none that has been more impactful than the air vacuum.

Rema Dri-Vac has completely changed how dry cleaners operate with our high-quality and efficient products. Want to learn more about Rema Dri-Vac and the important role we continue to have in the dry-cleaning industry? Contact us today.

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