A boiler is extremely important for many commercial businesses. Why? Because having an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere can negatively impact your customers’ experiences and be bad for business. Careful maintenance is an essential part of ensuring your boiler is working properly and providing you with the service you need. That is why the experts at Rema Dri-Vac have created a list of eight signs your boiler may need servicing: 

1. Leaky Boiler

Although water plays an essential role in your boiler’s heating system, that water should always be contained itself. If your boiler starts leaking water onto the floor, around, or under it, it’s time to call an expert. Some leaks may not be obvious, so you should be on the lookout for wet spots near hard-to-see spaces, too. 

2. Loud or Strange Noises

A boiler in good condition should function silently. If your pipes or any other part of your heating system, including the boiler itself, start making loud banging, clanging, or hissing noises, it’s a good idea to schedule a visit from a technician.

3. Your Boiler Stops Producing Heat

One of the most apparent signs there is something wrong with your boiler is if it suddenly stops making heat or stops heating as well as normal. If your system can no longer produce heat for your business, it could have one of several problems — an airlock in the piping system, an issue with a burner, or your boiler may have run out of fuel.

4. Bad or Unusual Smells 

In good working condition, your heating system should not produce any foul odors. If you notice unusual smells coming from your boiler such as burning plastic or rubber, or a sulfurous, rotten egg-like odor, you should call an expert right away.

5. Unusually High Heating Bill

Of course, your heating bill will go up during colder weather since your heating system has to work harder and burn more fuel. However, if your businesses’ heating bill goes up suddenly or unexpectedly, or if you notice it has been steadily increasing for no apparent reason, something is likely wrong with your system. You should call a professional to take a look. 

6. No Hot Water

If the water stops getting hot, your boiler needs immediate attention. Even if the water heats a little but isn’t getting as hot as it should, there could be a broken dip tube, sediment blocking the heating unit, or your entire boiler may need to be replaced. A technician will diagnose the problem and perform any necessary repairs.

7. Boiler Shuts Itself Off

Boilers never turn themselves off unless it’s to stop overheating and damaging components. All boilers have an internal, built-in heat sensor that causes them to shut off before becoming dangerous. If your boiler keeps turning off independently, you should call an expert to diagnose and fix the problem right away before it gets worse.

8. Age 

Boilers don’t last forever. Older boilers usually last for about 15 years. If your business is in an older building and you’ve never replaced the boiler, it could be getting time to do so. Investing in a newer and more efficient boiler will save you money in the long term.

No one wants to discover their boiler has stopped working at their business. A broken-down heating system can be dangerous and harmful to any location. Scheduling regular boiler servicing, as well as keeping a careful eye on your heating system, will help ensure that doesn’t happen and keep your boiler running better, longer. 

Contact Rema Dri-Vac with any questions about your boiler’s problems or discuss new parts for your boiler return system. Proper repairs and maintenance will keep your boiler and your business running smoothly!

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