When using power equipment in the workplace, vibrations can be annoying and bothersome. Though vibrations may go unnoticed for some time, the machinery might be causing other problems you are not unaware of. Despite that these issues may be fixable, resolving them can be time-consuming or even require an expensive replacement. Bad vibrations, however, can cause unseen wear and tear and, if left unattended, result in more severe issues down the line. Your time, work, and safety are as valuable as your equipment. With Rema Dri-Vac vacuums, you can reduce or even eliminate the presence of bad vibrations. Read here for more information on the dangers of bad vibrations and how our vacuums are the answer. 

Wear and Noise

Excessive wear can result in a premature expiration of a vacuum. Issues such as worn bearings and damaged impellers can worsen detrimental vibrations, further reducing the lifespan of your vacuum. Any small malfunctioning component of your vacuum reduces the effectiveness of the machine and increases noise. 

Lower Product Quality and Safety Issues

The casting of metal parts, machining of impellers, or loosened ball bearings can all contribute to a decline in a vacuum company’s sales. These problems cause vibrations that contribute to the degradation of product quality and ultimately become a safety hazard for vacuum users.


If your vacuum shakes during use, it means that internal vibrations are occurring as a result of imbalance. An impeller on the shaft end could be out of alignment, bent, or broken. Weight imbalance can occur if a vacuum is not seated on an even surface, causing bearings to wear out. However, the quality construction of a Rema Dri-Vac offers a solution to bad vibrations and imbalance. 

Off Kilter – Misaligned Parts

Purchasing a low-quality vacuum often means that internal parts may be misaligned. You can try disassembling your vacuum and resolve the issue yourself. However, most people don’t understand how to fix misaligned parts or put the machine back together. An impeller may not have been properly installed at the factory, or as mentioned above, the bearings may have worn out. Just like with imbalance, the result can be detrimental radial or axial vibrations.

Luckily, there is a solution to the resulting noise and damage of bad vibrations. Since 1947, Rema LLC’s assembly and design is the go-to for solutions to bad vibrations in vacuums. Dealing with wear and tear, bad quality, and improperly aligned or installed parts can lead to more money invested than intended. Our vacuum equipment consists of extra-strength welding, multiple gauges of steel, and impeccable design. Get the most work out of your equipment with Rema Dri-Vac, and check all our products today. Contact us with your questions, and our exceptional team will help you to purchase a vacuum that will last.

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