Boilers are used in businesses across all industries to create heat or power. They are especially important in the fabricare industry, as they not only produce heat but also power various dry-cleaning machines. Another important – but often overlooked – dry cleaning product is the condensate unit, which works directly with the boiler to capture steam.

Let’s take a look at what condensate units do and why they are a necessary part of a boiler system.

All About Boilers

Boilers serve many purposes in the dry-cleaning industry. Their main function is to heat water so it can be used for various purposes, including steaming, ironing, and more. Fabricare operations use a large amount of water on a daily basis, so it’s important to have the most reliable and efficient boiler system possible. Implementing a condensate unit into your system can help increase your boiler’s efficiency.

How Condensate Units Work

In industrial boilers (and any system that heats a large amount of water), a great deal of steam and condensation is created. If you allow this condensation to simply run off or evaporate, you lose a great deal of water to the air surrounding your system. However, when you use a condensate tank to capture steam and condensation, it can reduce your water waste.

A condensate receiver captures all of the excess steam and condensation produced by the boiler. Once this moisture gathers within the condensate tank, it returns to the boiler so it can be reused. This condensate is close in temperature to the boiler’s own heated water and therefore is able to go back into the system without being reheated.

Why Should You Use a Condensate Unit?

Condensate units increase efficiency and can even reduce your utility costs. Since the steam that is returned to the boiler is already similar in temperature to the boiler water, less energy is necessary to reheat it – thus reducing your oil, gas, or electricity costs. In addition, capturing steam that would have otherwise been released allows you to reuse it, reducing your water bills as well. However, lowered costs are not the only benefit of condensate units.

Boiler water must receive chemical treatment to maintain a properly functioning system. When you recapture steam with a condensate unit, more of the already treated water remains within the system, and the need for frequent treatments will lessen. Because re-circulated water is essentially distilled water (rather than freshly added water with unknown contents), the risks of finding particulates in the condensation are minimized. This also reduces wear on your boiler system and the need for blow down.

Interested in a Condensate Unit for Your Boiler System? Rema Dri-Vac Can Help

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